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Degree Programs Back to Top

Your area of study is a reflection of what you want to do with your life, or what interests you most. Whether you're a first-time student or transferring from another university, you can earn an undergraduate degree that will kick-start your career or help you to pursue your passion.

Undergraduate Course Catalog & Student Handbook

Minor requirements vary for each program and department, but you can choose whatever program you want to complement your major, or to expand your knowledge into other areas of study.

If you've already earned a baccalaureate degree, you may apply to the Second Bachelor degree program to pursue another without re-taking core courses. Talk with an advisor from the College of Graduate & Continuing Education to learn more.

Choose from our Majors & Concentrations

If you've graduated from a Massachusetts community college and/or completed the Mass transfer compact, this program will let you complete your bachelor's degree entirely online. Contact the College of Graduate and Continuing Education for details.

Best Online Bachelors 2017 - US News & World Report

Interested in furthering your education or standing out in the job market? If you've already earned your bachelor's degree, you can complete your master's degree within a few years. Learn more about our graduate degree programs.

Graduate Course Catalog

3+3 Bachelor to Juris Doctorate program

The 3 + 3 Bachelor to Juris Doctorate is a rigorous accelerated degree program that allows you to complete both your undergraduate degree and law degree in just six years!

Education Accelerated Dual Degree Program

The accelerated dual degree program for undergraduate Elementary Education majors is a sequence of undergraduate and graduate level Education courses packaged together to allow students to complete both their bachelor’s degree, and complete a M.Ed. program in five years.

B.S./M.S. in Criminal Justice 4+1

Westfield State University is offering undergraduate criminal justice students an accelerated pathway to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degree in just 5 years. These students will have the opportunity to enroll in graduate level criminal justice courses in their senior year. This 4+1 program allows for students enrolled in this option to obtain their bachelor’s and master’s degree in criminal justice in less time than it would be to take them separately.

Continuing Education Back to Top

If you are looking to earn specific career knowledge, one of these certificates may be right for you. No previous college degree required.

If you already have your degree and would like even more training, graduate certificates offer further specialization and will better your career.

Center for Teacher Education and Research

Westfield State offers professional development courses, seminars, and educational resources for teachers, superintendents, and school administrators.

Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) Teacher's Endorsement Courses

Westfield State University offers graduate credits to teachers taking the SEI endorsement course through their school districts.

Social Work Continuing Education Units

The WSU Department of Social Work is now offering, through Apple's iTunes U, online CEUs for social workers licensed in the state of Massachusetts.

Our non-credit courses are taught on evenings and weekends for the Westfield community, along with several readily available online classes.

For more non-credit courses,please visit our non-credit webpage

We value the pursuit of education. That's why we offer these preparation courses to help you on your way.

Spend a week learning what you love! Younger students can pursue their passions and actively learn in a university setting with one of our summer youth programs.

College for Kids

Choose from multiple themes each week, available for students age 5-16.

Teen U

Summer residential programs for high school students ages 14-17.

Academic Support Back to Top

The Department of Academic Achievement's mission is to provide students with the tools to explore academic opportunities as well as to plot strategies for continued growth.

Office of Academic Achievement

From orientation to graduation, our advisors are here to make sure you're keeping your education goals on track.

Free to all students

Academic Advising Center

Located in the Banacos Academic Center, Disability Services helps students with documented physical and learning disabilities receive the accommodations they need.

Disabilities Services

Why early college? Maybe you have great grades in high school and are looking to challenge yourself further, getting a head start on college course work.  Maybe you do well in high school, but aren’t sure what to expect when it comes to going to college. 
Taking a college course while in high school can have many benefits.

Dual Enrollment and Early College Programs

Promoting intellectual growth on campus and enriching student-faculty interactions. The Honors Program is designed to provide academically motivated students with intellectually challenging courses from an interdisciplinary perspective and/or with a specialized topical focus.

Honors Program

This special admissions program from the Banacos Academic Center is for students with documented learning disabilities. If interested, be sure to check the box on the Westfield Admissions Application.

Learning Disabilities Program at the Banacos Academic Center

The first year of college is an exciting time – new friends, opportunities, responsibilities and expectations! The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be to take advantage of all the University has to offer students.

My First Year Resources

Our full-service peer-tutoring program is available for all undergraduate students during the Fall and Spring semesters by appointment.

Free to all students

Peer Tutoring

All writers can benefit from collaboration. We assist students in this process, including the outlining, revising, editing and proofreading stages.

Reading & Writing Center

This federally funded program is free to students who meet eligibility requirements for income, disability status, or whose parents did not attend college.

TRiO Student Support Services

Are you the first person in your family to have the opportunity to go to college? Unsure of what college is all about, and what it will take to be successful?
The Westfield Promise is an early college program offered through Westfield State in partnership with Westfield Public Schools, Holyoke Public Schools, and Springfield Public Schools.

The Westfield Promise

This special admissions program, which includes a 5-week preparatory session the summer before freshman year and support for your four years at Westfield, is for students who meet eligibility requirements for socio-economic status, income and or students whose parents did not attend college. If interested, be sure to check the box on the Westfield Admissions Application.

Urban Education Program

Beyond the Classroom Back to Top

Students looking to get into the job market can schedule a mock interview, connect with alumni or polish their resumes with our assistance.

Career Center

Satisfy your curiosity through undergraduate research and creative activity, and apply the knowledge you gained through classroom experience to foster deeper learning and discovery.

Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity

Internships are increasingly important in the for students in the 21st Century.


Our program offers short- or full-term programs and national and international exchange opportunities for undergraduate students for academic credit.

Study Abroad

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC) is a vital nonprofit organization serving hundreds of colleges and universities in the U.S. and other countries by providing selected students challenging opportunities to work and learn in Washington, D.C. for academic credit. The largest such program, TWC has over 33,000 alumni, leaders in numerous professions and nations around the world.

The Washington Center

The Westfield State Experience is a signature program that provides a roadmap to success with skills and awareness that go beyond the classroom, beyond our campus, and into the greater world. Throughout your time at Westfield State, you will be given the opportunity to discover, develop and practice activities that enhance your education and provide you with real-world experiences that will transform you into a confident, successful and responsible leader in society.

The Westfield State Experience