Degree Requirements

Students majoring in Biology must complete both the University Common Core requirements and the courses required for the Major (60 credits). All Biology Majors must take the following courses from within the Department:

  • The introductory major’s biology sequence (BIOL 128 & 129)
  • First year and senior seminars (BIOL 180 & 380)
  • One one-credit departmental seminar (BIOL 280-289)
  • Upper-level courses including ONE course from each of the following areas:
    • Evolution
    • Ecology
    • Cell/Molecular
    • Organismal/Physiology
  • A minimum of 15 additional credits in Biology above the 100-level, selected with guidance from the faculty advisor. These 15 credits must include 6 credits of BIOL 0377 - Research Experience (3 of these credits may be satisfied by BIOL 0399 - Independent Research), 3 additional credits at the 300-level ( BIOL 0377 - Research Experience or other 300-level biology), and 6 additional credits of 200 or 300-level biology electives.

Majors must also complete the following courses from outside the Department:

  • General Chemistry I & II (CHEM 109 & 111)*
  • Organic Chemistry I & II (CHEM 201 & 203)
  • Pick two of the following: Calculus I (MATH 105*), Biostatistics (BIOL 278), or Elementary Statistics (MATH 108*)

* These courses also count toward satisfaction of the University Common Core requirements.

Students seeking certification in Secondary Education in Biology have some specific requirements within the Major. If you are interested in this option, you should consult with our Secondary Education Advisor as early as possible.

All majors must also complete a portfolio wherein they demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Department Learning Outcomes.

Additional information is available in the Student Handbook.