Working Alone Information

Biology majors enrolled in an Independent Study (BIOL 0399) have the opportunity to go through extra laboratory safety training and earn the ability to work alone and gain keycard access into the research lab during normal working hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm).

Students who are interested in working alone in the research lab need to:

- Read through the Research Lab Working Alone Guidelines to get an understanding of the responsibilities and restrictions

- Complete the Research Laboratory Access Approval Form with your Faculty Advisor. The syllabus for your independent study can be referenced in the answers. You and your advisor must sign the approval form and then submit it to the department chair.

- Contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer, Jamie Herrick, to schedule Lab Safety Training.

- Pass the Lab Safety Test.

- After training with your Faculty Advisor, read and sign the Laboratory Safety Agreement.

- Complete the Student Research Laboratory Access Checklist. Confirm that all of the requirements are met.

- Submit all of the completed forms to Jamie.

Once all of the completed documents have been completed and approved, a work order will be submitted to set up your Student ID with lab access.

Please Note:

  • Access is only given for the research labs (Stevens 205, 205A, and 207). Access is not given for the teaching labs or prep labs
  • Students enrolled in Research Experiences (BIOL 0377) may be asked to go through some of this training so that they can work on group projects outside of class. BIOL 0377 students do not gain ID access into the labs.

Working Alone Documents

Research Lab Working Alone Guidelines (for students and faculty)

Laboratory Safety Agreement

Research Laboratory Access Approval Form

Student Research Laboratory Access Checklist

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