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Art Degree (B.A.), Graphic Design Concentration

Why Choose a Concentration in Graphic Design?

For Art majors interested in a career in Graphic Design or Commercial Art, the graphic design courses provide an emphasis in computer-generated graphics, as well as an opportunity to study various art forms.

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Requirements for Graphic Design Courses

Requirements for Art Majors

  • ART 0101 - First-Year Seminar
  • ART 0103 - Drawing I
  • ART 0104 - Design Fundamentals
  • ART 0105 - Three-Dimensional Design
  • ART 0106 - Art Survey: Prehistoric to Middle Ages
  • ART 0107 - Art Survey: Renaissance to Present
  • ART 0109 - Writing for Art and the Artist
  • ART 0201 - Printmaking I
  • ART 0204 - Pottery I
  • ART 0205 - Sculpture I
  • ART 0209 - Color Theory and Practice
  • ART 0214 - Drawing II
  • ART 0216 - Painting I
  • ART 0311 - Painting II
  • One Art elective Credits: 3 Two 300-level Art History Courses Credits: 6

One of the following:

  • ART 0303 - Printmaking II
  • ART 0304 - Pottery II
  • ART 0305 - Sculpture II


** Students completing Art Teacher Licensure Programs must take ART 0108 Introduction to Computer Graphics as their art elective.

Art majors are required to take ART 0106 and ART 0107, to satisfy the Appreciation of the Arts requirement of the common core.

Art majors must complete a minimum of 27 credits of course work within the Art Department at Westfield State. Students are advised to consult their advisors for information on course sequencing and general core requirements.

Art majors intending to pursue graduate work beyond their major are advised to take additionally recommended studio courses of their choice. It is also advisable to include more than the minimum requirements in Art History.

    Graphic Design Concentration For Art Majors


      Graphic Design Courses - 21 Credits:

      • ART 0108 - Computer Graphics for Art Applications I
      • ART 0206 - Introduction to Publication Design
      • ART 0210 - Typography
      • ART 0212 - Computer Graphics for Art Applications II *
      • ART 0228 - Graphic Design I
      • ART 0344 - Graphic Design II
      • ART 0380 - Graphic Design Capstone


      *Three one-credit courses in the computer graphics area, such as Photoshop, Quark Express, or Illustrator, may be substituted for ART 0212.

        Graphic Design Internship

        The Graphic Design Internship prepares the student for work in the Graphic Design field. The Internship is usually an on campus or off campus placement in a department that needs a graphic designer.  We also place students in outside advertising agencies, marketing companies, or graphic design firms/boutiques.  Alternative class scheduling can be arranged, if necessary.  Internships are from 3 - 12 credits.  

        For a Graphic Design internship placement, a student must have completed ART 0210 and ART 0228 and have a cumulative grade point average of 2.8 and a Art Major / Graphic Design Concentration of a 3.0.  Acceptance is by application (which can be found on the department's webpage) and approval of the Graphic Design Coordinator, the Department Chairperson, and the Career Center.  For more information on internships, please visit the Internship Requirement document on the Art Department's webpage.  

          Additional Graduation Requirements

          All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .

            Clubs & Organizations

            Graphic Design Club

            The Graphic Design Club provides members with a better understanding of graphic design and graphic arts in visual communication.

            OTAKU Club

            The primary purpose of the Westfield State Otaku Club is to provide members of the club with information pertaining to Japanese animation.

            Art Club

            The purpose of this club is to enrich the educational experience of all students interested in art by providing trips to art museums.