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Reading Minor

Why Minor in Reading?

You may choose to complete a Reading minor or use Reading as a concentration with the Liberal Studies major. If interested in this concentration or minor, you should schedule an appointment with one of the Education department literacy professors or the department chair. If you choose the concentration in Reading, you should also consult with your Liberal Studies advisor.

Requirements for the Minor in Reading

Required Courses:

 Students may choose from the following courses in consultation with a literacy Education advisor.  Specific course descriptions should be consulted to determine pre- and co-requisites of each course.

  • EDUC 0304 - Teaching Writing: Pre-K-6
  • EDUC 0305 - Literature and the Language Arts required of sped
  • EDUC 0309 - Children's Literature *
  • EDUC 0317 - Analysis and Correction of Reading Difficulties (with Apprenticeship)
  • EDUC 0318 - Reading in the Content Areas
  • EDUC 0333 - Field Experience in Reading only special arrangement
  • EDUC 0334 - Word Analysis and Comprehension Strategies in Reading
  • EDUC 0335 - Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners (with Apprenticeship)
  • EDUC 0370 - Language and Communication Development and Intervention **
  • EDUC 0377 - Learning Disabilities and Instructional Strategies **


* EDUC 0309 is required in the 15-credits area of Liberal Studies for Early Childhood majors.  These students should consult with a Reading and a Liberal Arts advisor to determine whether this course may by used in the Reading concentration.

** EDUC 0370 and 0377 are required within the Special Education major.  Subsequently, they do not contribute to the Reading concentration or minor for students in this major.