Vocational Technical Education Degree (B.S.E.)

Why Choose Vocational Technical Education?

This is a Bachelor of Science in Education (Vocational) for teachers of trades. The students in this program later are employed either in their trade area, or in a vocational technical school, or in a comprehensive high school. Since the students in this program are employed during the day, the program is offered on a part time basis in the evening. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a conferred degree is not a requirement for teaching a trade in a vocational school.

Requirements for the Vocational Technical Education Degree

Requirements for Vocational Education


  • EDUC 0214 - Supervised Internship: Vocational Education **
  • EDUC 0301 - Implementing a Competency Based Curriculum Credits: 3 *
  • EDUC 0302 - Integrating Vocational and Academic Curriculum Credits: 3 *
  • EDUC 0332 - Seminar for the Vocational Technical Educator
  • EDUC 0343 - Appraisal and Evaluation Techniques in Occupational Education
  • EDUC 0344 - Developing and Implementing a Standards-Based Curriculum In Vocational Technical Education
  • EDUC 0351 - Teaching Methods for Vocational Technical Education-Instructional Strategies
  • EDUC 0357 - Managing Student Behavior in a Healthy and Safe Environment
  • EDUC 0358 - Teaching Methods for Vocational Technical Education – Educating and Assessing the Vocational Technical Education Learner
  • EDUC 0379 - Teaching Methods for Vocational Technical Education – Using Research-Based Practices to Develop Effective Instructional Strategies *
  • EDUC 0390 - Addressing the Needs of Students with Disabilities in Vocational Technical Education *
  • EDUC 0396 - Seminar Recent Developments: Computers in Education


* See description in Graduate Catalogue for corresponding course; undergraduate course to be submitted for governance approval.

** Title change to be submitted for governance approval

    Additional Graduation Requirements

    All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .