Study Abroad FAQ’s

Q.O1. Can I use my financial aid toward my study abroad experience?
A. If you already receive financial aid at Westfield State University, you can use your financial aid for your study abroad experience.  Students accepted to study abroad programs should submit an updated budget to the WSU Financial Aid office in the Horace Mann Center.

Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Questions regarding financial aid should be directed to the financial aid office.   

Q.02. What semesters are the usual ones for studying abroad?                                                                        
A. The usual choices for semesters abroad are either Fall or Spring for juniors and the Fall term for seniors. Occasionally, sophomores do apply and are accepted.

Q.03. What is the minimum GPA required for the study abroad program? 
A. The requirement is a 2.75. Some colleges and universities abroad require a 3.0.
The International Programs office will review the records of applicants with GPA’s that fall below the minimum requirement. 

Q.04. May I participate in programs that are sponsored by colleges other than Westfield State University? 
A. To remain as an active Westfield State University student during the semester away, you must be registered into a Westfield-sponsored program.  Check with the International Programs Office if you are unsure.

Q.05. When should I apply?
A. Application deadlines are published each semester for the following term. Generally, the application process should begin a year in advance, and typical deadlines are October 15 for spring semesters, and March 15 for fall semesters..

Q.06. Do I pay Westfield State University tuition and fees when I am studying abroad?
A. When you attend a WSU Exchange Program (Capital Normal University, Beijing, China and United International College, Jhuhai, China; Jade University, Germany, IT Sligo, Ireland and Krosno State College, Poland) you continue to pay WSU tuition and fees, and pay room and board costs to the host institution.

When you attend a non-Exchange Study Abroad program approved by WSU, you only need to pay the cost of that program.  Students must complete their application with the International Programs Office (IPO) and receive approval in advance; the  IPO will notify the Office of the Registrar and Student Accounts so that the student’s WSU accounts remain active.  Students must file a form with the Billing Office that authorizes Westfield to apply anticipated financial aid funds toward their study abroad program costs.

Q.07. Do my Study abroad credits get transferred and are the grades averaged into my cumulative grade-point average?  
A. Credits you receive while studying abroad are transferred back to Westfield State University. Grades are averaged into your GPA.  Before departure, you must file a Transfer Course Permission form with IPO and the Office of the Registrar.

Q.08. How do I arrange for housing at Westfield for the semester following my term abroad?
A. Regulations guiding on campus housing are same as they are for students returning in a successor term. Arrangements must be made with the housing office prior to leaving for the study abroad program and the usual deposits must be prepaid to the housing office.

Q.09.  I receive disability services:  can I study abroad? 
A. Usually, yes.  Meet with International Programs and with your Banacos Center Advisor, who will research programs for you.  Diversity Abroad is a good resource for information, tips and contacts while abroad.